Dr. Nevin Andre Award
for Outstanding Journal Article

This recognition is awarded to the author or co-authors of an article that has contributed to the goals and standards of TEEAP and promotes the organization as well as technology & engineering education profession. Each year's recipient is selected by a committee made of up the the TEEAP President, Immediate Past President and the editor of the TEEAP Journal.

Year Recipient   Year Recipient
1996 Robert Rudolph   2008 Frank Kruth
1997 Dave Hortman   2009 Elizabeth Anderson
1998 Jeff Testa   2010 Brian Herrig
1999 Joanne Trombley   2011 Richard Collelli
2000 Lynn Hull   2012 Sean McKnight
2001 Len Litowitz   2013 Michelle Shealer
2002 Bruce Lubak   2013 Ron Shealer
2003 Frederick Rogers   2014 Tyler Love
2004 Bill Hughes   2015 William Fiedler
2005 Michael Johnson   2016 Mike Berkeihiser
2006 Ron Shealer   2016 Neil Linkmeyer
2007 Mark Piotrowski
  2016 Jillian Brislin

Time Line for This Recognition

Selection will be made immediately following the publication of the TEEAP Journal that is published just prior to the annual TEEAP Conference. This award is not kept secret from the recipient. The recipient will be notified by phone or other electronic communication to notify them of their selection. Follow-up communication will also take place to assure attendance at the annual conference banquet. The recipient's chief school administrator or the administrator of choice will also be contacted to announce the award and obtain a commitment for public relations.

The school district is encouraged to handle the public relations with their local newspapers. If the local district cannot handle this activity, they are welcome to contact the TEEAP Public Relations chair either by phone, email, or use the Online PR Form.

Engineering by Design

Pennsylvania is a member state of the ITEEA's EbD Network. Schools across PA have free access to Engineering byDesign™ products. If you are interested in accessing it please contact Curtis Funkhouser, Curriculum & Instruction Consultant for STEM at the Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 for details on how to access the materials!

2017 TEEAP STEM Conference

We are delighted to invite you to the 2017 TEEAP STEM Conference. Please consider being a part of this outstanding event as a presenter, exhibitor, or just take part by attending — be a part of the STEM movement! You can visit our Conference page by clicking HERE to learn a little about the conference and some ways to get involved in our 2017 conference!

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ITEEA in Atlanta, Georgia in 2018

The ITEEA's 80th Annual Conference will be held In Atlanta, Georgia! This year's theme will be "Building Bridges Within The STEM Community and Beyond." Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is very much a “buzzword” on today’s educational landscape. Every teacher, school, district, and state has its own version of what STEM means as well as how to help students engage in experiences that will prepare them for the 21st Century. Technology and Engineering is the foundation for making these experiences meaningful through integrative STEM education. Building bridges helps everyone to understand the important role technology and engineering contributes to STEM education.  

This conference is an opportunity to recognize and honor the accomplishments of our colleagues and best-practice programs. Additionally, it provides professional development and networking opportunities, as well as opportunity to renew old friendships and create new friendships. For more information, click here.