Past Presidents

The individuals listed below have been graciously willing to serve our organization in the capacity of President since the organization began in 1953. Without their willingness to lead, our organization may not have stood the test of time. Each of these individuals received the "President's Gavel" at the annual banquet when they take office, and receive the "President's Citation Plaque" upon retiring from the position. To those of you looking at this part of our history, will your name one day be here?

Year President   Year President
1953 J. Phillip Young   1986 Kermit Lyman
1954 J. Phillip Young   1987 Phil Wynn
1955 William J. Wilkinson   1988 Charles Graham
1956 Earl T. Kuhn   1989 Van Hughes
1957 Robert D. Goldman   1990 Perry Gemmill
1958 Anthony T. Stavaski   1991 Thomas Ridge
1959 Cel H. Aman   1992 Ronald Kerr
1960 James E. Smith   1993 Kenneth P. DeLucca
1961 Elmer Hemberger   1994 Richard Weymer
1962 Wade Wilson   1995 Stanley Komacek
1963 William Bohn   1996 Michael Whitman
1964 Reginald C. Greaser   1997 Gary Baltozer
1965 N.C. Pendered   1998 Tim Vermillion
1966 Edward Kabakjian   1999 Joseph McCade
1967 Rufus C. Johnson   2000 Dave Shultz
1968 William. Kabakjian, Jr.   2001 William Weitzmann
1969 Lambert K. Sailer   2002 Len Litowitz
1970 Richard A. Long   2003 Joanne Trombley
1971 Paul A. Kube   2004 Judith Hawthorn
1972 John R. Sweringen   2005 Jeff Seamans
1973 William T.  Richardson   2006 Ken Neumann
1974 Luther Burse   2007 Steve Barbato
1975 J. Alan Little   2008 Jared Bitting
1976 Gary L. Bowman   2009 Peter Wright
1977 Ralph Hamilton   2010 Brandt Hutzel
1978 John Fecik   2011 Dan Engstrom
1979 Paul Wighaman   2012 Mike Cichocki
1980 Thomas Gregor   2013 Marl Piotrowski
1981 John Stoudt   2014 John Kallis
1982 Thomas Winters   2015 Scott Farmer
1983 Charles Knowlden   2016 Richard Colelli
1984 William Skelly   2017 William Bertrand
1985 Lester K. Thayer   2018 Curtis Funkhouser


Engineering by Design

Pennsylvania is a member state of the ITEEA's EbD Network. Schools across PA have free access to Engineering byDesign™ products. If you are interested in accessing it please contact Curtis Funkhouser, Curriculum & Instruction Consultant for STEM at the Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 for details on how to access the materials!

2017 TEEAP STEM Conference

We are delighted to invite you to the 2017 TEEAP STEM Conference. Please consider being a part of this outstanding event as a presenter, exhibitor, or just take part by attending — be a part of the STEM movement! You can visit our Conference page by clicking HERE to learn a little about the conference and some ways to get involved in our 2017 conference!

Join TEEAP's Online Network

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ITEEA in Atlanta, Georgia in 2018

The ITEEA's 80th Annual Conference will be held In Atlanta, Georgia! This year's theme will be "Building Bridges Within The STEM Community and Beyond." Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is very much a “buzzword” on today’s educational landscape. Every teacher, school, district, and state has its own version of what STEM means as well as how to help students engage in experiences that will prepare them for the 21st Century. Technology and Engineering is the foundation for making these experiences meaningful through integrative STEM education. Building bridges helps everyone to understand the important role technology and engineering contributes to STEM education.  

This conference is an opportunity to recognize and honor the accomplishments of our colleagues and best-practice programs. Additionally, it provides professional development and networking opportunities, as well as opportunity to renew old friendships and create new friendships. For more information, click here.